Thursday, May 3, 2012

And up we go...

Back to the doctor today for blood work.  My arm was thankful for the week break between holes gouged into it.  I still get woozy hearing my blood bubble as it fills the little vial.  I am so thankful for the technician who does my blood work, Lisa, she is amazing.

Over the last week, I've been waiting and waiting for my symptoms to go away.  They haven't.  I'm still eating a ton, peeing all the time, almost once an hour, morning nausea, and enlarged and sore breasts.  Ugh.  But the doctor said that she didn't think the HCG would be out of my system at this point, but it should have decreased.

About 3:30 this afternoon I talk to Chanelle, one of the awesome nurses from the office.  My levels have gone up, not down.  They are up to 154.  Not a good thing at 7 1/2 weeks into a miscarrying pregnancy.

It isn't unusual for your levels to go up a little bit before they drop off, but this is not common at all.  

So back to the doctor tomorrow morning at 8 for an ultrasound, again.  They are getting really worried that this is an ectopic pregnancy and that they can't find it.  I am scared because I don't want to lose a tube or ovary or have any serious damage. 

The plan is to probably do an injection of this chemo medicine called methotrexate.  From what I understand this causes the rapid cell growth to cease, forcing any growing tissue associated with the pregnancy (fetal or placental) to stop growing.  Your body will then get rid of the tissue.

The biggest draw back of this, we couldn't try to get pregnant for at least 3 months.  It takes about that long for the medicine to work its way out of your system.  If you were to get pregnant with this still in your system, you could lose the baby or have a baby with severe birth defects. 

There is one final possibility that I am going to bring up to the doctor.  It is possible that I have gotten pregnant in the last few weeks.  We did start the medicine to stimulate follicles and we were less than 48 hours away from triggering.  Brad and I have 'mated' during this time.  I would hate to take the medicine and lose a baby we didn't know was there.

I guess I'll know more tomorrow.  I'm scared because I yet again don't know what our future holds.  I hope something good, the bad is starting to really wear on me....

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